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  • With Proprietary Machine Learning Algorithms
  • On All Financial Markets


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Prevedex is an AI specialist in Financial Markets applications. We are one of the first companies to have successfully applied deep machine learning to financial markets.


We use proprietary algorithms to forecast asset returns, prices and volumes. Our core solutions are based on applying deep machine learning on multivariate time series. With our unique approach, we can apply our deep learning technology to every kind of financial data. Our financial market experts accompany the machine learning team to help build the best forecasting solutions possible.


Our technology is already in the market and used to drive various market portfolios of larger hedge funds. We are among the first to successfully deploy a fund that uses signals generated solely by machine learning methods.


Our solutions address clients’ quantitative / systematic forecasting needs for any given asset-class to improve portfolio and trading strategies on a purely quantitative basis.


We uniquely employ historic and real-time market data and our deep learning algorithms to provide robust predictions that are free of subjective bias. With the Prevedex Workbench™ and toolsets we are able to constantly adapt our strategies and continuously improve the forecasting results.


Our solutions are made-to-measure and directed at hedge funds, asset management and insurance clients. Our technology gives full flexibility to add this AI layer to any asset class and any portfolio / trading strategy a client wishes to employ.


Our algorithms can be fed with any structured data / multivariate time series and used to detect hidden patterns to predict future outcomes. This enables retention of the historical know-how and investment philosophy and integrate it effectively with an advanced AI-based approach.














Our Team

Prevedex is led by a Team of (Deep) Machine Learning Experts, Data Scientists, Software Developers and Capital Markets Specialists with Deep Relevant Experience.


At Prevedex we believe a diversified mix of talent, nationalities and backgrounds will give us the best results. Our team of twelve work from six different nations based in Dubai, Germany, France, the UK, the Netherlands and Romania.



Data Scientist
London, Greater London

We are a young company that develops Artificial Intelligence technologies for the Hedge Fund industry, looking to grow our team of Data Scientists and Software Developers. We are looking for an ambitious data science intern to join our research and development team in London. Responsibilities include the full cycle from collecting and cleaning data, model specification, training, evaluation to deployment.


Skills required:


  • BA or MS degree in a quantitative discipline (cognitive science, computer science, mathematics, statistics, economics, physics, engineering or related field)
  • Experience in Machine Learning and/or Deep Learning
  • Strong programming skills in Python
  • Strong communication skills and the ability to work with colleagues across multiple regions
  • Passion to work hard and join an entrepreneurial environment





Quant Developer
London, Greater London

We are a young company that develops Artificial Intelligence technologies for the Hedge Fund industry, looking to grow our team of Data Scientists and Software Developers. The role requires an excellent quantitative developer who is passionate about financial markets and cutting edge technology.


  • Minimum academic qualifications: a degree in Computer Science
  • Strong Python programming skills
  • Familiarity with numerical and statistical libraries
  • Machine learning exposure and experience in algorithmic trading strongly preferred
  • The ability to communicate ideas clearly both in writing and orally



People no longer are responsible for what happens in the market, because computers make all the decisions.

- Michael Lewis, Flash Boys -

Prevedex Workbench™

Prevedex Workbench™ is an all-in-one cloud-based Algorithmic Trading Software specifically designed for Machine Learning. Prevedex Workbench™ allows Users to Simulate their Algorithmic Strategies End-to-End in a Scientifically sound AI-Machine Learning Environment, with the Option to trade seamlessly in Real Markets.

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